Psychedelic Psychotherapy

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Within the next few decades, psychedelics will be used to assist in psychotherapy for serious illnesses such as PTSD, depression, substance/alcohol abuse, and severe anxiety in clinics around the world.

Psychedelics Researcher, Rick Doblin, spoke on the stage at TED in April of 2019. This idea was definitely worth sharing. According to Doblin, when used wisely, psychedelics have the capacity to, “heal, inspire, and help change us.” In the 1960’s and 70’s psychotherapy was in the forefront of research to reduce serious illnesses, but when the counter culture of anti-war hippies began to recreationally use psychedelics, the U.S. govt. banned it.

This stalled monumental progress in psychedelics but didn’t stop Doblin and his team of researchers from continuing their exploration of the drug. Doblin describes his own experiences with psychedelic drug use as mind-manifesting, bringing him in touch with his emotions. While conducting numerous studies, Doblin explains how he wants to change the laws to legalize psychedelics to become a psychedelic psychotherapist.

Doblin explains that his lab would perform a few administrations of psychedelics in contrast to other medications that simply reduce symptoms and must be taken on a daily basis. A few administrations of psychedelics would (presumably) go after the root causes of serious illnesses, connecting meditation and mindfulness.

Doblin explains the neurological affects and chemical releases of psychedelics on the human brain, claiming this “breakthrough therapy” to be a mind-body connection. As well as results of various studies his team has conducted thus far.

As for this type of therapy- we should see news circulating after Phase 3 of their research is completed in the end of 2021, when they will be reviewed by the FDA for mass production. This sounds like a brilliant method of inner-directed therapy that I am looking forward to see progress into a mainstream therapy- if and when accepted by the FDA. Hopefully Doblin is right and drugs as we know it, used in therapy is flipped on its head. This could be a total shift in consciousness while simultaneously combat the prescription drug abuse the U.S. has been battling for decades.